Result-Driven Custom Software Development

FULLSTACKISH provides custom software development services from start-ups to small and medium companies. Being fully equipped with the latest technologies, we deliver futuristic software solutions to clients globally.

Why choose us?

You probably are in search of an ongoing partnership with a company that could stay at your side, and team with your internal IT department. Or, even better, become your entire IT department completely outsourced. This means that your current IT structure could continue operating, while we work with and for you to improve your processes, increase your digital transformation, or creating web and mobile applications that help your team and employees or your customers to reach their goals faster and better.

We'd love to serve long-lasting partnerships with small and medium companies. This is because our expertise could be critically important for those kinds of industries. You don't have to deal anymore with different providers, spend tons of time searching for new developers or outsourcing companies. Just one stable relationship with an experienced company within this kind of solutions.

Software Services

Architectural Strategies

Any business needs to digitalize some kind of internal process to improve its productivity. We have a large experience to provide all-in-one solutions.

Cloud Transition

We come, we stay at your side, we help you to take the best technical decisions based on your business's needs.

Custom Integrations

When starting a digital transformation, you probably may need to integrate some existing softwares and tools, such as CRM, Calendars, Agendas, Chatbots, and so on. We are able to build scripts and automation to let all of these tools to talk to each other.

Web App Development

Years of experience and skills allow us to easily develop the most complex web app for any kind of business.

Mobile App Development

We have developed hundreds of amazingly productive apps for smartphones.

PWA Development

Progressive Web Apps are perfect for reproducing the mobile experience without the need to publish over the stores.

Our Technology Consultancy Services

Any business needs technology solutions to fulfill their needs.

The issue is that people don't actually know what is the best strategy to adopt and, as a consequence, they feel scared and stressed about introducing technology solutions.

We provide consultancy as a long-time service and partnership, analyzing your business needs and identifying which kind of digital solution you could introduce to increase productivity, save time and money.



  • 1hour of 1-to-1 live call with you and your team
  • Atechnologyassessment of your business, analyzing your pain points
  • A listof quick suggestions and fix that you can immediately introduce into your processes



per month

  • 1Hour By-Weekly Consultancy Live call
  • Technologyassessment of your Business
  • Detailedtechnical strategy based on fulfilling your needs and release your pain points
  • Monthlyanalytics of improvements and changes
  • Unlimitedsupport via email and chat tools

Some Facts

Why you should consider a Digital Transformation of your Business?


of consumers use mobile devices to connect with brands for customer service. The number jumps to 90% of Millennials.

Digital-first companies are


more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers.


of business buyers say they’ll pay more for a better B2B experience.


of companies consider innovative technologies as necessary to reaching their digital transformation goals.

Our Portfolio

Internal CRM for private schools

Web Application developed in ReactJS / Laravel for lessons scheduling, management of students and teachers records, management of exam and voting sessions, internal documentation.

IoT solution in the medical/hospital industry

Creation of a client installed on a mini-pc onboard digitalized hospital carts for the administration of drugs. Developed in ReactJs + Electron.

iOS / Android Mobile App to organize live events

Calendar of events with reminder, check-in procedure via App, tool for q & a during speeches.

Platform for data consultation in the Open Source area

Teamed in an international project for the organization of the licenses of all the Open Source libraries, in the team there were elements of the largest international players. Made in ReactJs.